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Car Accident Tips

If you have a car accident, there are several things that may be worthy of consideration: Get Prompt Medical Treatment Some lawyers refer clients or potential clients to particular providers.  The reason for that is that these providers have some … Continue reading

Car Accident UM Settlement

Duty to Cooperate Sometimes the UM/UIM carrier calls for some cooperation by the insured.  You need to look at Va. Code §38.2-2206.H which says that nothing may be required of the insured except the establishment of liability.  Nationwide Mutual v. Sours, … Continue reading

Car Accident UM Coverage

The topic of uninsured/underinsured (hereafter referred to as UM unless the context requires otherwise) motorist coverage in Virginia is complex.  Gerry Schwartz has written a very excellent article on the topic that is the subject of CLEs in Virginia.  That … Continue reading

Car Accident Liability Coverage

Auto liability insurance coverage protects you in the event that someone else alleges that you were at fault for a crash.  By “you”, I mean either you as the insured or anyone who was driving your auto with your consent.  … Continue reading

Car Accident-Leaving Scene

Hit and run cases present tough problems not only in the Fairfax, Virginia area but everywhere.  If you are hit by a driver who then leaves the scene of the crash you need to ID that driver. This starts with … Continue reading

Auto Accidents with Trucks

Truck accident lawsuits are hard fought and complex. Our roadways are loaded with large trucks. They are called 18-wheelers. These are mammoth vehicles. They occupy their entire lane. They are driven by experienced drivers. However these drivers make mistakes. Auto … Continue reading

Pedestrian Accidents

There are state and local laws that govern how and where people on foot may cross the street. If there is no sidewalk then people on foot may be allowed to walk on the hard surface of the road. However … Continue reading

Boat Crashes

Boat crashes may be controlled by maritime law. This depends on where the event takes place. Also it depends on the facts of the event. Boating Accident Injuries Boat crashes can result in severe injuries. They may involve personal water … Continue reading

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle riding is not without risks. It has been many years since I have ridden a motorcycle but in my younger days I had extensive experience riding motorcycles. I understand the risks. I also understand that some drivers do not … Continue reading

Auto Crashes

Auto crashes are the most common form of tort claim. These claims involve some careless or reckless act by one person resulting in a crash with another car or person on foot. Whether the use of a motor vehicle involves … Continue reading

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