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Wrongful Death Values

Wrongful Death Values Vary Wrongful death values can vary greatly.  They can vary from one part of the state to another.  They can vary depending upon the amount of economic loss.  The economic loss may be actual loss of income, … Continue reading

Pedestrian Injury Involving Police Officer

On May 13, 2020 at approximately 11:00 p.m., a DC Police Officer was hit by a Metrobus while chasing a suspect that he believed was armed.  The officer was seriously injured. The pedestrian injury occurred on Bladensburg Road at Levis Street, … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Crash

Wrongful Death Crash in Maryland On May 10, 2020 a 37 year-old man died from an auto crash.  This wrongful death crash occurred on Brandywine Road near Tower Road in Brandywine, MD.  The victim was Nicholas Howard Moore of Brandywine … Continue reading

Tolling Agreements

Tolling agreements suspend the statute of limitations.  Sometimes in talking with a party about settlement, you start getting close to the limitation deadline.  If those talks are ongoing, it may be in the interest of the parties to stop the … Continue reading

Truck Accidents-Driving Time

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation on 5/14/2020 loosened the rest requirements for truck drivers.  At present there are rules that limit the number of hours that a driver can be on the road.  Those rules are tough to enforce.  They … Continue reading

Disparagement Clauses

Disparagement clauses or what may more often be called “non-disparagement clauses” are common in many settlement agreements.  In particular they may become part of divorce settlements.  They are either agreed to by the parties or imposed by the court.  These … Continue reading

Auto Liability Coverage

One of the basic principles of auto liability coverage is that the coverage follows the vehicle.  What that means is that the coverage is literally glued to the vehicle.  Wherever the vehicle goes, that coverage follows.  There may be some things … Continue reading

Impact of the Coronavirus on the Legal Profession 

The legal profession is similar to many service industries. That is, lawyers are selling a service consisting of their advice, their skill in the courtroom, their skill in drafting documents and their time. Lawyers, unlike most other service professionals, are … Continue reading

Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses

Cross-examination has been dealt with on several other pages on this site.  Cross-examination in general, cross-examining defense medical experts, cross-examining brain injury experts are all addressed in different posts.  In addition the topic of standard of care has been addressed … Continue reading

Medical Malpractice – Communication

Failure of Communication Failure to communicate between health care providers is a frequent cause of serious medical injury. Many hospitals use the “National Patient Safety Goals” published by the Joint Commission. This is a basic standard. These goals, referred to … Continue reading

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