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Amusement Park Injuries

The Zone Of Safety Is Designed To Prevent Amusement Park Injuries Most amusement park injuries that involve rides occur either as a result of some mechanical malfunction of the ride vehicle or some behavior by the rider that takes the … Continue reading

Spoliation of Evidence

Spoliation of evidence issues may arise in premises liability and also product liability cases.  In particular if a potential defendant is in possession of evidence, whether it be photographic, documentary or some other type of evidence, that bears directly on … Continue reading

Personal Injury Anatomy-Nervous System

This posting is an overview of human anatomy and physiology. The source of the information is for the most part a course offered by The Teaching Company and presented by Dr. Anthony Goodman entitled “Understanding The Human Body:An Introduction to … Continue reading

Personal Injury Anatomy-Cardiovascular System

Personal Injury Anatomy Cardiovascular System Personal injury anatomy cardiovascular system is one of several postings dealing with human anatomy and physiology for personal injury attorneys and plaintiffs. Some times in order to understand your personal injury case it is necessary … Continue reading

The Logic of the Contingent Fee System in Injury Cases

As is true with many things associated with trial lawyers, there is a great deal of controversy associated with the contingent fee system in regards to injury claims. The contingent fee is exactly that i.e., the fee is contingent upon … Continue reading

Overcoming Jury Bias

Overcoming jury bias is a problem that every trial lawyer confronts.  Jury bias doesn’t mean that the members of the jury are necessarily biased specifically against the plaintiff.  What it does mean is that every human being brings to the … Continue reading

2017 General Assembly Update

What follows is a summary of recent legislation from the 2017 General Assembly.  This summary was actually prepared by Senator Scott A. Surovell who also is the sponsor of many of these items of legislation. Recent Legislation Dealing With Civil … Continue reading

Handling Fire Cases

Cigarette Fires Cigarette fire cases involve interesting issues of product liability law. Many household fires are caused by cigarettes according to injury attorney Brien Roche.  Everybody knows that cigarettes burn and that cigarettes can cause fires.  There is however established … Continue reading

Highway Defect Cases

Roadway Drop-off Cases Roadway drop off injuries arise in those instances where a vehicle leaves the travel portion of the roadway onto a sunken shoulder and the driver then attempts to reenter the roadway by pulling the front wheels at … Continue reading

Filing Suit in Federal Court

Filing suit in federal court requires first an analysis of whether that court has what is called subject matter jurisdiction.Subject matter jurisdiction in federal court is based on either diversity of citizenship or what is called a federal question. Diversity … Continue reading

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