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Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses

Cross-examination has been dealt with on several other pages on this site.  Cross-examination in general, cross-examining defense medical experts, cross-examining brain injury experts are all addressed in different posts.  In addition the topic of standard of care has been addressed … Continue reading

Medical Malpractice – Communication

Failure of Communication Failure to communicate between health care providers is a frequent cause of serious medical injury. Many hospitals use the “National Patient Safety Goals” published by the Joint Commission. This is a basic standard. These goals, referred to … Continue reading

Medical Malpractice – Informed Consent

Informed Consent The law grants to patients the right to choose whether to obtain medical treatment. It requires doctors to provide the patient correct info as to diagnosis, the nature of the proposed treatment and risks of treatment. Also alternatives … Continue reading

Diabetes Malpractice

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has standards as to the care of diabetes.  If these are complied with, they provide the means to bring the blood sugar of most diabetics under control.  Daily testing of blood sugar by the patient … Continue reading

Voir Dire

Voir Dire- To Speak The Truth Voir dire takes place at the beginning of a trial.  It consists of the attorneys asking questions of the people who may sit on the jury.  Those questions can be fairly broad.  In general … Continue reading

Communicating Effectively

There is no question that a picture is worth at least 1,000 words.  It may be worth 10,000 words.  Frequently you don’t have a picture with you when you’re trying to explain something.  A good substitute is a hand-drawn diagram. … Continue reading

Other Similar Incidents

The concept of duty has been addressed elsewhere on this site on the Premises Liability page.  Although other similar incidents (OSI) doesn’t necessarily serve as the source of a duty that is owed, it may define the extent of the … Continue reading

Sexual Abuse Claims

Factors To Look At In Sexual Abuse Claims Children are the most frequent victims of abuse. They need to be protected. The predators who engage in sexual abuse are indeed predators. They are cunning. Abusers seek out places to prey … Continue reading

Cross-Examining Defense Medical Experts

Cross-Examination of Defense Doctor The cross-examination of the defense doctor who did the defense exam or is appearing for the defense should address several issues. If standard of care is an issue then see the page dealing with that. Also … Continue reading

Neuropsychological Exams

These exams consists of a number of tests. They may be given orally by the examiner. Some are computer based. They are to measure how the patient performs a number of tasks. Also they test memory and math ability. They … Continue reading

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