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Fraud in Medical Malpractice

Fraudulent behavior in the context of a medical malpractice case is not unheard of. However it is unusual. The court addressed such an issue in the case of Dell v. French, 38 Va. Cir. 91 (1995) On December 21, 1991 … Continue reading

Nurse Malpractice

Nurse Malpractice Nurses have a duty not only to comply with the standard of reasonable care for the a patient but also have a duty to act as an advocate for the patient. Their failure to do so may bring their … Continue reading

Gallbladder Surgery Negligence

Gallbladder Surgery Negligence Gallbladder surgery negligence can be seen in the cutting of the common bile or common hepatic ducts. The underlying problem that necessitates surgery is the presence of gallstones. This may dictate the surgical removal of the gallbladder.  … Continue reading

Realtor Malpractice

Role Of The Agent Real estate malpractice by a real estate agent is a form of professional negligence. The claims are similar to legal or medical malpractice cases. The plaintiff must prove what the standard of care is.  The standard … Continue reading

Trauma Surgery Medical Malpractice

Trauma surgery recognizes what is known as the “golden hour”.  That golden hour is the 60 minutes following the injury.  It is during that 60 minutes that the patient’s outcome is often fixed. As a result time is of the … Continue reading

Stroke Malpractice

Stroke: Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke (CVA – Cerebral Vascular Accident) is the fourth leading cause of adult death in the U.S. By 2030 nearly one in every 25 adults will suffer a stroke. Most strokes can be grouped as either … Continue reading

Injection Malpractice

Injection Malpractice-Injection Too High Injections can cause injury. This is sometimes the explanation for shoulder symptoms. What can happen with an injection caused injury is that the needle containing the vaccine is injected too high in the shoulder.  It should … Continue reading

Infection Malpractice

Infection, according to The Center for Disease Control, is the cause of upwards of 100,000 deaths per year in hospitals.  In looking at an infection case from a medical malpractice point of view  there are many things to do. You … Continue reading

Robotic Surgery Malpractice

More and more hospitals are opting for the robotic surgeon.  The robots are expected to cut down on the error rate and occurrences of medical malpractice.  The robots are used widely in minimally invasive surgeries. In addition they can be … Continue reading

Professional Malpractice Attorney

Professional liability claims are hard fought. The professional person will probably take the claim personally. You need to take the claim personally. You need to have a tough, competent lawyer by your side. Malpractice lawyers come in many flavors. Some … Continue reading

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