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Wrongful Death Damage Recovery

A wrongful death action in Virginia is recognized by statute.  The statute is found at Virginia Code § 8.01-50. A wrongful death action is an action that is brought by the administrator or executor of someone’s estate after that person … Continue reading

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death In Pennsylvania In June of 2009 Carrie Goretzka was fatally injured when a energized power line fell on her.  That power line had set trees on fire in her back yard and then eventually fell on … Continue reading

Virginia Wrongful Death

Overview of Virginia Wrongful Death Any wrongful death action in Virginia that is settled must be approved by the Court.  If suit has already been filed, then the settlement can be approved within the context of that existing lawsuit.  If suit … Continue reading

Valuing Wrongful Death Case

Valuing wrongful death suits is very difficult. There is no fixed parameter as to what a wrongful death case is worth.  In Virginia there was a time, approximately 40 years ago, when there was a $25,000 cap on what could … Continue reading

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