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Construction Accident Deaths

On Monday, September 28, 2020 a construction worker was killed.  The death occurred at the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall in D.C.  The incident occurred at 7:45 a.m. in the 600 block of Independence Avenue, SW.  The … Continue reading


On Monday, September 7, 2020 a teenager drowned in the Rappahannock River.  The incident occurred in Stafford County.  The young man was found on Wednesday morning, September 9, 2020.  He was a 15 year-old who had gone under at 4:20 … Continue reading

Pedestrian Fatality

On June 5, 2020, a 24 year-old pedestrian was killed.  He was struck along Interstate 66 in Arlington.  Justin Angel of Stephens City, Virginia was walking in the eastbound lane of Interstate 66.  He was near Route 29 when he … Continue reading

Motorcycle Wrongful Death

On June 9, 2020 a motorcyclist was killed in Prince George’s County, Maryland when his motorcycle struck a guardrail.  He was on a highway ramp at the time of the impact.  The decedent’s name is Damien Dickerson of Upper Marlboro.  … Continue reading

Pedestrian Death

On June 8, 2020 a 20 year-old pedestrian was killed.  He was struck by a vehicle in the Tacoma neighborhood of northwest Washington.  The incident occurred around 9:15 p.m.  It was in the 700 block of Piney Branch Road, NW … Continue reading

Wrongful Death-Pedestrian Injury

Wrongful Death Pedestrian Injury Manassas On May 6, 2020 at approximately 5:00 a.m. near Balls Ford and Sudley Roads in Manassas, a pedestrian was struck and killed.  There were two vehicles involved.  The first striking vehicle left the scene.  There … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Values

Wrongful Death Values Vary Wrongful death values can vary greatly.  They can vary from one part of the state to another.  They can vary depending upon the amount of economic loss.  The economic loss may be actual loss of income, … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Crash

Wrongful Death Crash in Maryland On May 10, 2020 a 37 year-old man died from an auto crash.  This wrongful death crash occurred on Brandywine Road near Tower Road in Brandywine, MD.  The victim was Nicholas Howard Moore of Brandywine … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Damages

Preserving Survival Damages When Your Case Morphs Into a Wrongful Death Action Wrongful Death Damages Should Include Survival Damages If you’ve had a client who died during the course of your handling an injury claim then you know there are … Continue reading

Valuing Wrongful Death Cases

No Fixed Guide Valuing wrongful death suits is tough. There is no fixed guide as to what a wrongful death case is worth.  In Virginia there was a time when there was a $25,000 cap on what could be recovered … Continue reading

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