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Northern Virginia Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A vehicle accident is a very common occurrence which can completely disrupt your life. Accident victims or their loved ones experience:

  • Personal Injury
  • Death
  • High treatment bills
  • Damage to their auto

Car accident lawsuits are the most common form of tort claim. These claims involve some careless or reckless act by one person resulting in a crash with another car or person on foot. Whether the use of a motor vehicle involves actual fault depends upon the driver’s conduct and whether that conduct complies with the Rules of the Road. The Rules of the Road are set forth either in the Virginia State Code or the local Code that controls traffic.

The Rules of the Road or traffic rules set the standards for use of cars and trucks. A breach of these rules is negligence.

Auto Accident Tips

If you are thinking about making a claim based on a defect with your car you need to make sure that the car itself is preserved and is not repaired prior to hiring counsel.  Thorough pictures must be taken of the car and of the scene of the crash.

In Fairfax County, Virginia if there is a serious car crash, then the police will prepare a written report. The police may not only do a traffic accident report but they may also do a more detailed crash report in cases of serious personal injury. If, in fact, that second report has been done, then you may have to issue a subpoena to obtain that report.

In addition, the police will take thorough photos of the crash scene if the crash was a major one.

Whether your crash involves an auto, bike, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian the key to a good outcome is prompt and thorough investigation. If that is not done then your proof may be lost or altered.

Damages For Injuries Resulting From A Vehicle Accident

When you are involved in an auto crash in Northern Virginia you have a right to know who will pay your treatment bills, how will you support your loved ones while you get well and what other rights you have as far as a money recovery. Your damages may consist of:


Brien Roche is an experienced vehicle accident attorney serving all of Northern Virginia, including:

  • Fairfax
  • McLean
  • Vienna
  • Burke
  • Annandale
  • Falls Church
  • Reston
  • Centreville
  • Manassas
  • Alexandria
  • Herndon
  • Arlington
  • Loudoun County

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We put your well being ahead of the insurer for the other party. You should not sign any releases dealing with your injury claim without having them reviewed by counsel. Likewise, you should not accept any checks from the other insurer unless you are ready to settle with them. It is not wise to do that until you know the full extent of your injury.

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Vehicle Accident Attorney

Brien Roche represents clients in all types of vehicle accident matters or crashes with people on foot or bikes. Mr. Roche has obtained money damages for clients in crashes with trucks, cars and other vehicles. With over 40 years of trial experience, Brien Roche has garnered full and fair awards for his clients.

Brien Roche handles cases like:

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Results from our Vehicle Accident Verdicts/Settlements:

Brain injury to pedestrian: – $2,100,000

Loss of forearm in motor vehicle rollover case – $1,250,000

Award for brain injury from auto accident – $600,000

Rear-end accident involving local police officer – $600,000

Settlement with trucking company – $450,000

Intersection collision resulting in lower back injury – $400,000

Wrongful death of elderly man – $350,000

Low back injury from intersection accident – $225,000

Bus accident resulting in neck injury – $175,000

Intersection accident resulting in shoulder injury – $155,000

Injury to minor child – $150,000 (cash plus monthly annuity payments payable to child for his lifetime)

Rear-end accident resulting in diffuse neurological injury – $150,000

Child pedestrian accident resulting in broken foot – $130,000

Jury verdict against trucking company for client’s soft tissue injury – $100,000

For more case results that Brien Roche has handled, see our Verdicts and Settlements and Reported Cases. All case results depend on the facts of that case and how your case may turn out cannot be based upon the results of another case.

Automobile Accident Insurance

Auto crashes produce tough questions as to insurance coverage and may provide chances for many forms of coverage to exist:

Research Sources for Auto Crashes

Some good sources for info about auto safety are:

Don’t hesitate to contact Brien Roche Law. Mr. Roche for over 40 years has served the vehicle accident needs of Fairfax and Northern Virginia.

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Vehicle Accident Attorney

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