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Realtor Malpractice

Role Of The Agent Real estate malpractice by a real estate agent is a form of professional negligence. The claims are similar to legal or medical malpractice cases. The plaintiff must prove what the standard of care is.  The standard … Continue reading

Car Accidents with Taxicabs

Taxicabs are generally thought of as being common carriers. Va. Code § 46.2-2061 states that nothing in the article regulating taxicabs is to be construed to make them a common carrier. That doesn’t mean they’re not a common carrier. However … Continue reading

Gunmaker’s Liability

Gunmakers are generally considered to be immune from liability. What protects them is a federal statute called “The Protection of Lawful Commerce and Arms Act” (PLCAA). PLCAA does have several exceptions. One of them was exposed during a recent settlement … Continue reading

Capital Accounts in Small Businesses

In any small business, the idea of a capital account is important. It is the amount of funds and assets invested by the owners plus a reflection of profit distributions due to that owner. In the case of company losses, … Continue reading

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