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FOIA and Personal Injury

Brien Roche

FOIA stands for the Freedom of Information Act. Both the U.S. and all 50 states have FOIA laws. The laws at the state level differ from state to …

Brien Roche

An injunction is a court order. The Court tells a person to either do something or not to do something. When the Court tells a person to do …

Spinal Cord Injuries
Brien Roche

A spinal cord injury is a serious and life-altering experience that can impact the lives of victims either short-term or long-term.  Because of the integral relationship between the spinal …

Alzheimer’s Disease
Brien Roche

Diagnosing Alzheimers

A Washington Post article of October 1, 2013 stated that approximately five million people suffer from Alzheimers disease in the United States. Misdiagnosis is common. …

Product Defect Cases

Brien Roche
Product Defect Cases and Federal Preemption
The Preemption Doctrine states essentially that where the federal government has passed legislation and has intended to, so to speak, occupy that particular field then the …

Wrongful Death Damage

Brien RochePreserving Survival Damages
When Your Case Morphs Into a Wrongful Death Action
Wrongful Death Damage Should Include Survival Damage
If you’ve had the experience of a client who …

Amusement Park Injuries

Brien Roche
The Zone Of Safety Is Designed To Prevent Amusement Park Injuries
Most amusement park injuries that involve rides occur either as a result of some mechanical malfunction of the ride vehicle …

Wrongful Death Damage Recovery
Brien Roche

A wrongful death action in Virginia is recognized by statute.  The statute is found at Virginia Code § 8.01-50.

A wrongful death action is an action that is brought by the …

Spoliation of Evidence
Brien Roche

Spoliation of evidence cases arise most often in premises liability and product liability cases.  In particular if a potential defendant is in possession of evidence, whether it be photographic, documentary …

The Defense of Fault in Fraud Claims
Brien Roche

Promissory fraud is that variety of fraud wherein the misrepresentation is the state of mind of the promisor.  For instance if I promise to do something for …

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