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The Defense of Fault in Fraud Claims

Promissory fraud is that variety of fraud wherein the misrepresentation is the state of mind of the promisor.  For instance if I promise to do something for you and when I make that promise I have the intention of violating … Continue reading

Slander Per Se

Defamation Includes Slander And Libel Slander is a form of defamation. Defamation is any false statement which produces injury to a person.  Defamation in oral form is slander.  In written form it is libel. It is an intentional tort. That is different from … Continue reading

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Fraud in the legal context is a frequently misused allegation.  Fraud, or what is also called fraudulent misrepresentation,is somewhat akin to lying.  However, from a legal point if view it is slightly different.  Technically what fraud is is an intentional … Continue reading

Parental Rights in Virginia

Parental Rights in Virginia Parental rights in Virginia may be more important than you thought. The Virginia Supreme Court recently in the case of Wyatt v. McDermott, held that a natural father could assert a claim against third parties who … Continue reading

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