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Financial Standing of Personal Injury Plaintiffs

In the course of personal injury litigation, there may arise issues of the financial status of the plaintiff. In particular the plaintiff may claim that because of financial status, they cannot get medical treatment.  Also they may claim that because … Continue reading

Settling Personal Injury Cases

Settling personal injury cases typically goes without incident. Sometimes however there may be glitches. That is, sometimes you reach a settlement and the other party then won’t comply with the terms of the settlement.  If that happens, you have a … Continue reading

Ex Parte Communications with Treaters

Sometimes opposing counsel may want to obtain records and/or speak with a plaintiff’s healthcare provider. That typically is not allowed. Under the HIPAA statute, there may however be an avenue to allow such communications.  HIPAA says that a covered entity … Continue reading

Assignment of Personal Injury Cases

To assign something means to sell it. Certain claims may be sold. For instance contract claims may be sold. You see that all the time in terms of debt collection. Debt collectors will frequently buy contract claims that a particular … Continue reading

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