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Auto Liability Coverage

One of the basic principles of auto liability coverage is that the coverage follows the vehicle.  What that means is that the coverage is literally glued to the vehicle.  Wherever the vehicle goes, that coverage follows.  There may be some things … Continue reading

Electronic Data Records

Electronic data records can come in several forms. There is another posting  on this website dealing with electronic data records relating to vehicles. On a vehicle that data may be recorded on what some people call the “black box”, the … Continue reading

Limousine Liability – Personal Injury

Limousines are always in demand during prom season. Also in demand for weekend trips to wine-growing areas. What many users of limos don’t know is that in large measure these large cars are not controlled by U.S. safety rules. The … Continue reading

Rear-end Accidents

Rear-End Accidents From The Virginia Supreme Court There are a number of reported rear-end accident cases from the Virginia Supreme Court. In one case a flat bed truck was parked in one lane of an undivided highway. The plaintiff rounded … Continue reading

Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Virginia is a great state for outdoor adventures and off-road excitement. It has both mountains and beaches. It is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. If you are one of the many residents or visitors that own a recreational vehicle, you can … Continue reading

Drunk Drivers

A man in Florida who suffers from brain damage due to a crash caused by a drunk driver was awarded $5 million in his personal injury claim.  In 2007 Dwight Grant, a passenger in a stopped vehicle, was hit by … Continue reading

Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ship injuries have been the stuff of many headlines. What many people are not aware of is that when they are injured on a cruise ship that does not mean that they have a right to bring a claim … Continue reading

Negligent Entrustment

Negligent Entrustment, Agency and Insurance Coverage Negligent entrustment is allowing an unfit person to drive. The act of negligent entrustment makes the owner liable for the acts of the driver. If the driver is doing something on behalf of the … Continue reading

Hit and Run Cases

Hit and run cases present tough problems not only in the Fairfax, Virginia area but everywhere.  If you are hit by a driver who then leaves the scene of the crash you need to ID that driver. This starts with … Continue reading

Dram Shop Liability

Dram shop liability in the Fairfax, Virginia area is thought by most lawyers to be a dead letter.  Virginia does not impose a duty on vendors to oversee the sobriety of its patrons. Dram shop liability is based on the … Continue reading

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