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Mediation In Fairfax Virginia

Mediation is a mechanism by which a neutral individual is chosen by the parties to assist the parties in discussing settlement with the idea that at the end of the meditation the case will be settled.  Mediation in Fairfax Virginia … Continue reading

Valuing Wrongful Death Case

Valuing wrongful death suits is very difficult. There is no fixed parameter as to what a wrongful death case is worth.  In Virginia there was a time, approximately 40 years ago, when there was a $25,000 cap on what could … Continue reading

Administrative Law

Administrative law is a branch of law that is separate and distinct from civil or tort law and likewise is separate and distinct from criminal law. Probably the easiest way to think of the different branches of the law is … Continue reading

A Tort Is A Civil Wrong That Is Not Based On Contract

A tort is simply a civil wrong that is not based upon a contract. No doubt in the course of your life you have entered into contracts.  A contract is simply an agreement, oral or written, whereby the parties agree … Continue reading

Criminal versus Tort

Tort law is a branch of what is called civil law.  Civil law is to be distinguished from criminal law.  Criminal law involves instances of where a person or company violate a particular criminal statute and then are either arrested … Continue reading

Gynecological Surgery

Gynecological surgery has recently taken on a new level of minimally invasive techniques through the use of what is called DualPort technology.  The term “DualPort” refers to the fact that there are two surgical incisions.  One of them is made … Continue reading

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