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The Attorney for the Damned

Most of us have probably heard of Clarence Darrow, the famous attorney that undertook the defense of a teacher who was discussing evolution and who acquired national and international fame in the Scopes trial.  Clarence Darrow, however, had a few trials … Continue reading

Mild to Moderate Brain Injury-A Devastating Loss

Mild to moderate brain injury is probably a misnomer.  Physicians, however, use this term to describe brain injuries that may indeed in many instances be quite significant but not to the point of being severe, i.e. totally disabling.  Personal injury attorneys are accustomed … Continue reading

Mediation In Fairfax Virginia

Mediation is a mechanism by which a neutral individual is chosen by the parties to assist the parties in discussing settlement with the idea that at the end of the meditation the case will be settled.  In Fairfax, Virginia a … Continue reading

Demands For Settlement

Demands for settlement in any personal injury case are challenging especially in terms of deciding exactly how much to ask for. In Fairfax, Virginia claims adjusters certainly recognize that this is a relatively conservative area.  It is not unusual for Fairfax juries … Continue reading

Disability Ratings

Disability ratings within a personal injury lawsuit can be important.  The term disability rating, however, can have a number of different meanings. If you are a veteran and making a claim against the Veteran’s Administration, then a disability rating becomes … Continue reading

Conflict of Interest- Medical Devices

Conflict of interest between physicians and medical device providers abound in the medical field.  Not only is it seen in terms of doctors prescribing medication that may work to their financial interest but also it is seen in terms of … Continue reading

Automobile Safety Data

Automobile safety data is now more available due to the excellent work of a motor vehicle safety advocate in Massachusetts by the name of Sean Kane.  Mr. Kane and his colleague have developed the Vehicle Safety Information Resource Center (VSIRC) which … Continue reading

Bus Seat Belts and Federal Preemption

Bus seat belts could well make the difference between life and death in a bus crash. In the 2011 case of Doomes v. Best Transit Corporation, the New York Court of Appeals noted that this state law claim premised upon the … Continue reading

Valuing Wrongful Death Case

Valuing wrongful death suits is very difficult. There is no fixed parameter as to what a wrongful death case is worth.  In Virginia there was a time, approximately 40 years ago, when there was a $25,000 cap on what could … Continue reading

Excess Exposure In Liability Claims

Excess exposure in liability claims needs to be dealt with promptly.If you are sued as a result of an automobile accident or other type of injury claim and the party that is suing you is claiming that you are responsible for … Continue reading

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