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Misdiagnosis in Medical Malpractice

A research team from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine recently reported on their analysis of data from the National Practitioner Data Bank maintained by the federal government as to the primary cause of medical malpractice claims. What they found … Continue reading

Hospital Safety Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Hospital safety is a pressing issue especially since more than 180,000 people die every year from hospital errors.  Those errors come in a number of different forms. It is estimated that nearly 6,000 egregious errors occur every month among Medicare patients alone.  By … Continue reading

Affordable Medical Care Addressed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Affordable medical care is an issue for all of us.  In particular, it can become an issue for someone who is injured.  Medical costs drive an estimated 60% of personal bankruptcies across the country. The Affordable Care Act (also called … Continue reading

Fertilizer Explosions Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

On April 17, 2013 a fertilizer plant in Texas exploded.  The fertilizer plant had no sprinklers.  It had no fire walls.  It had no water deluge system.  Safety inspections at the plant were, at best, sporadic. It so happens that small … Continue reading

Alcohol Intake Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Alcohol intake has been a subject of discussion for many years.  An article from The Washington Post on April 9, 2013 addresses five (5) things to know about drinking.  Moderate alcohol consumption is typically defined as being two (2) drinks … Continue reading

Construction Accident Litigation Discussed By Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction accident litigation typically involves a claim of an injured worker against the contractor on a job site who is not the Plaintiff’s direct employer. Most states have an absolute bar against claims against employers. Some states allow claims against … Continue reading

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death In June of 2009 Carrie Goretzka was fatally injured when a energized power line fell on her.  That power line had set trees on fire in her back yard and then eventually fell on her as … Continue reading

Damage Caps Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Several states across the country have been reviewing recently damage caps that have been imposed both as to compensatory awards and also punitive awards.  The challenges to these caps on damages come in several different forms.  The legal challenge may involve … Continue reading

Privacy Rights Discussed By Injury Lawyer

The scope of federal law enforcement surveillance imposes interesting questions as far as privacy rights.  A device known as “StringRay” simulates a cell phone tower and enables law enforcement agents to collect the serial numbers of individual cell phones and … Continue reading

Cardiac Arrest Discussed By Injury Lawyer

A physician from Stoney Brook University School of Medicine in New York by the name of Sam Parnia was recently cited in a Washington Post article of March 26, 2013 stating that there are available to medical practitioners means by … Continue reading

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