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Electrical Injury Wrongful Death

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death In Pennsylvania In June of 2009 Carrie Goretzka was fatally injured when a energized power line fell on her.  That power line had set trees on fire in her back yard and then eventually fell on … Continue reading

Damage Caps Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Several states across the country have been reviewing recently damage caps that have been imposed both as to compensatory awards and also punitive awards.  Challenges to Damage Caps The challenges to these caps on damages come in several different forms.  The … Continue reading

Privacy Rights Discussed By Injury Lawyer

The scope of federal law enforcement surveillance imposes interesting questions as far as privacy rights.  A device known as “StringRay” simulates a cell phone tower and enables law enforcement agents to collect the serial numbers of individual cell phones and … Continue reading

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