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Rebuttal Witnesses

Accident Lawyer-The Use of Rebuttal Witnesses
Rebuttal witnesses are very common in civil litigation.  At the conclusion of the defendant’s case, the plaintiff may choose to call rebuttal witnesses for the purpose of rebutting something that was brought up anew during the defendant’s case according to accident lawyer Brien Roche.

Rebuttal is an excellent …

Ankle Arthritis Surgery

Ankle arthritis surgery is generally a treatment of last resort for ankle arthritis reports medical malpractice attorney Brien Roche.
Ankle arthritis is a form of what is called osteoarthritis.  It consists of the breakdown of cartilage between the bones and  the ankle joint either due to damage or the aging process.  That …

Texting Not Reckless

Texting not reckless :It appears that texting is not reckless driving in Fairfax County according to accident lawyer Brien Roche.

On May 15, 2011 a young man by the name of Jason Gage rear-ended a vehicle that had been driven by another young man by the name of Kyle Rowley.  Rowley …

Slander Per Se

Slander per se is actionable without proof of what are called special damages according to injury attorney Brien Roche.

Slander is a form of defamation.  In general, defamation is any false statement which produces injury to a person.  Defamation can come in the form of oral statements in which event it is called …

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Fraud in the legal context is a frequently misused allegation.  Fraud, or what is also called fraudulent misrepresentation,is somewhat akin to lying.  However, from a legal point if view it is slightly different.  Technically what fraud is is an intentional misrepresentation of an important fact which is made …

Remittitur Defined

Brien Roche
Remittitur Defined by Injury Attorney
Remittitur is a procedural concept in Virginia that allows a Judge to reduce a verdict if the Judge finds that the verdict is shocking to the …

Collateral Estoppel

Estoppel, a corollary to collater estoppel,is a principle of law that essentially says that where one person has either said something or taken some action that another person has justifiably relied upon and thereby changed their position then that first person is estopped (barred) from either denying what was said or …

Negligent Entrustment

Accident Lawyer Discusses Negligent Entrustment
The concept of negligent entrustment is one that has consequences not only for the potential liability of the owner of a vehicle but also has potential consequences as far as insurance coverage in the event of an auto accident. Fairfax  accident lawyer Brien Roche has authored other …

Last Clear Chance Doctrine

In Virginia the last clear chance doctrine applies to motor vehicle accidents wherein the defendant has raised the defense of contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff.  As such, last clear chance is really a defense to a defense, i.e. it is a defense to the defense known …

Constructive Knowledge

Injury Attorney Explains Constructive Knowledge
The term “constructive” is one that is used frequently in the law.  It is derived from the word “construe”.  When you hear the term constructive knowledge or constructive fraud what that means is that you are not dealing with actual knowledge or notice but rather you …

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