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Grossly Negligent Behavior

Gross negligence is a legal concept that describes behavior that exceeds what is called simple or ordinary negligence according to injury attorney Brien Roche.  Simple or ordinary negligence is conduct that a reasonably prudent person would not engage in.  Grossly negligent behavior goes beyond that and is typically defined as …

Contributory Negligence Bar Recovery

Contributory negligence is a bar to recovery in most negligence cases according to injury attorney Brien Roche.  The only exception to that is if the defendant’s negligence rises to the level of what is called willful and wanton conduct.  Willful and wanton misconduct is different from any other form of …

Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax

An auto accident attorney in Fairfax, Virginia is probably a bit more busy than attorneys in many other parts of the state because of the level of congestion in this area.  Although the roads throughout the Fairfax area tend to be quite good the level of traffic and the speed with which many …

Product Liability Lawyers Fairfax

Product liability lawyers Fairfax are kept busy with claims because of the density of population and the overall sophistication of products that we deal with.  Product liability claims may be seen in regards to exercise equipment, construction equipment, defective office equipment or defective household appliances or other household products.
Within any product liability claim …

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers  focus principally on vehicle accident claims whether they come in the form of motor vehicle collisions, truck accidents, bicycle accidents or pedestrian accidents.

Some personal injury lawyers expand the scope of their practice and go beyond the limits set forth above and also deal with medical malpractice claims, …

Apparent Agency

Apparent agency comes into play in those instances where a particular person or entity is not an actual agent of someone else but appears to be an agent of someone else according to injury lawyer Brien Roche.

Apparent Agency Fairfax
One of the more common instances where you see that occurring is …

Rebuttal Witnesses

Accident Lawyer-The Use of Rebuttal Witnesses
Rebuttal witnesses are very common in civil litigation.  At the conclusion of the defendant’s case, the plaintiff may choose to call rebuttal witnesses for the purpose of rebutting something that was brought up anew during the defendant’s case according to accident lawyer Brien Roche.

Rebuttal is an excellent …

Ankle Arthritis Surgery

Ankle arthritis surgery is generally a treatment of last resort for ankle arthritis reports medical malpractice attorney Brien Roche.
Ankle arthritis is a form of what is called osteoarthritis.  It consists of the breakdown of cartilage between the bones and  the ankle joint either due to damage or the aging process.  That …

Texting Not Reckless

Texting not reckless :It appears that texting is not reckless driving in Fairfax County according to accident lawyer Brien Roche.

On May 15, 2011 a young man by the name of Jason Gage rear-ended a vehicle that had been driven by another young man by the name of Kyle Rowley.  Rowley …

Slander Per Se

Slander per se is actionable without proof of what are called special damages according to injury attorney Brien Roche.

Slander is a form of defamation.  In general, defamation is any false statement which produces injury to a person.  Defamation can come in the form of oral statements in which event it is called …

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