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Unhappy Personal Injury Settlement

So you are unhappy with the personal injury settlement that you reached.

In Virginia there is a cooling off period after you have signed a Settlement Agreement with an insurance company provided you are not represented by counsel. 
Unhappy Personal Injury Settlement-Look To The Lawyer
Assuming that you were represented by counsel and you …

Workers Comp Personal Injury

There is a world of difference between handling workers comp claims and handling personal injury claims.

In the legal world lawyers that handle one frequently handle the other too.  Increasingly, however, workers’ compensation claims are becoming more and more specialized and there are many lawyers who do not handle both workers’ …

Winning Personal Injury Claims

Winning personal injury claims is a function of how well “armed” you are.  Being well armed typically means being represented by competent counsel and also having a favorable set of facts that justify your claim.  A favorable set of facts obviously is not something that you can manufacture.  The facts …

Defending Personal Injury Claims

Defending personal injury claims where you have been sued for negligence resulting in personal injury to the party bringing the claim can be a challenge. How do you defend this?
Your first line of defense should be to determine whether or not there is available insurance coverage that would protect you from the claim.  …

Workers Comp Subrogation

Most workers compensation laws are like the law that covers the Fairfax, Virginia area which allows for the workers comp subrogation i.e.,insurance carrier to recoup any monies it has paid out either to or on behalf of the injured worker.  This is referred to as a right of subrogation.  The logic …

Underinsured Coverage

Underinsured coverage is something you should have to avoid the inadequacy of liability insurance policy limits of the at fault motorist.
In the state of Virginia motorist are only required to carry liability limits of $25,000.  In some instances, they may actually be exempted from having any insurance coverage if they pay what is …

Inadequate Insurance

Inadequate insurance policy limits are a frequent problem, especially in the Fairfax, Virginia area.  Virginia does not have a mandatory liability insurance law.  It allows certain people to drive uninsured as long as they pay what is called the uninsured motorist fee to the state of Virginia.  As a result, …

Orthopedists and Personal Injury

Orthopedists are frequent players in personal injury claims. 
Orthopaedic surgery or the general field of orthopaedics deals with injuries to the skeletal system and to the muscular system. 
In any serious muscular or skeletal injury an orthopaedic surgeon should be involved.  That orthopaedic surgeon will then oversee the overall care and will …

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury

Filing bankruptcy while you have a personal injury claim pending can significantly impact your personal injury claim, whether you are in the state of Virginia or elsewhere. 
By filing a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7 of the U. S. Bankruptcy Code you thereby transfer all of your assets to the Trustee …

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection insurance coverage is also known as medical payments coverage.  This type of insurance coverage is what is referred to as a first party coverage meaning that the insurance carrier that issued the policy that covers a vehicle actually insures the passengers in the vehicle also.  This form …

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