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A vehicle accident is unfortunately a very common occurrence which can completely disrupt your life. Accident victims or their families can experience minor to severe injuries, death, high medical bills and significant property loss. Vehicle accidents come in a variety of forms. Your legal representative must have knowledge of the operational aspects of the vehicles involved and the rules of the road. Car accident litigation is probably the most common form of tort claim that is asserted. Those tort claims normally involve some careless or reckless act by one person resulting in a collision with another motor vehicle or pedestrian. Whether the operation of a motor vehicle involves actual negligence is going to depend upon how the drivers conduct is viewed in light of the Rules of the Road as set forth either in the Virginia State code or the local Code governing traffic regulation. The Rules of the Road or traffic regulations establish the standards for operation of motor vehicles. A violation of these rules or regulations typically constitutes negligence.

Compensation for injuries resulting from a vehicle accident

When you are involved in an automobile collision in Northern Virginia you are certainly entitled to know who will pay your medical bills, how will you support your family during your period of recovery and what other rights do you have as far as a monetary recovery. Your damages may consist of:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Brien Roche is an experienced vehicle accident attorney serving all of Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, McLean, Vienna, Burke, Annandale, Falls Church Reston, Centreville, Manassas, Alexandria, Herndon, Arlington, and Loudoun County. Call, or contact us for a free consultation. At Brien Roche Law, we put your interest ahead of the insurance company. You should not sign any Releases relating to your personal injury claim without having them reviewed by counsel. Likewise, you should not accept any checks from the insurance company unless you are prepared to reach a settlement with them. Typically, it is not advisable to do that until you know the full extent of your injury.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Brien Roche represents clients in all types of vehicle accident matters or accidents involving pedestrians. Mr. Roche has secured compensation for damages to clients involved in pedestrian accidents and accidents involving trucks, cars and other vehicles. With 35 years of trial experience, Brien Roche has garnered significant compensation for our clients. For a free consultation with an auto accident lawyer, complete the contact form on this page, or contact one of our offices directly.

Learn how Brien Roche approaches a vehicle accident case like yours:

Results: A Few Of Our Vehicle Accident Verdicts/Settlements:

Brain injury to pedestrian: – $2,100,000

Loss of forearm in motor vehicle rollover case – $1,250,000

Award for brain injury from auto accident – $600,000

Rear-end accident involving local police officer – $600,000

Settlement with trucking company – $450,000

Intersection collision resulting in lower back injury – $400,000

Wrongful death of elderly man – $350,000

Low back injury from intersection accident – $225,000

Bus accident resulting in neck injury – $175,000

Intersection accident resulting in shoulder injury – $155,000

Injury to minor child – $150,000 (cash plus monthly annuity payments payable to child for his lifetime)

Rear-end accident resulting in diffuse neurological injury – $150,000

Child pedestrian accident resulting in broken foot – $130,000

Jury verdict against trucking company for client’s soft tissue injury – $100,000

For more case results that Brien Roche has handled, see our Verdicts and Settlements and Reported Cases.All case results are specific to the facts of that case and no conclusion can be drawn as to how your case may turn out based upon the results of another case.

Automobile Accident Insurance

Automobile accidents can produce interesting questions as to insurance coverage and may provide opportunities for several different forms of coverage to exist:

  • Accident liability insurance This is the liability coverage that protects the at fault driver.
  • Medpay or personal injury protection This form of coverage may protect any occupant of the vehicle regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured or under insured motorist coverage This coverage may provide additional coverage to the injured party if the at fault driver either did not have liability insurance or had inadequate coverage.
  • Automobile collision coverage This is a coverage that will provide indemnity to you for damage to your vehicle.

Research sources for automobile accidents.

Don’t hesitate to contact Brien Roche Law. Mr. Roche has 35 years experience serving the vehicle accident litigation needs of Fairfax, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. area.
For more information on traffic collisions see the pages on Wikipedia.

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Vehicle Accident Attorney

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