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Can I Fire My Attorney?

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Can I Fire My Attorney

Brien Roche

Hiring an attorney is different than hiring other professionals. Attorneys are controlled by the state Bar. The Bar in most states puts limits on how attorneys must treat clients. You should know those rules. In hiring or retaining that attorney you have entered into a contract. That contract may be in written form. Or in some cases it may be oral. Any contract can be ended. However there may be consequences for either party.

If you terminate an injury attorney then she may be entitled to be paid an hourly fee for services rendered. Also the attorney may be entitled to the recovery of costs in pursuing the litigation.

Can I Fire My Attorney? Yes

Yes you have the right to terminate the contract with the attorney. However this is subject to the above. In addition the attorney has the right to fire you. The attorney is not allowed to abandon you in the midst of a legal proceeding. A prudent attorney is only going to fire the client for good cause. Also the client has the right to sue the attorney for breach of the contract.

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Can I Fire My Attorney?

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