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Obstructing Traffic Cases Summarized By Personal Injury Attorney

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Summarizes Obstructing Traffic Cases

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This page is a compilation of cases reported by the Virginia Supreme Court dealing with the topic of obstructing traffic and summarized by Brien Roche. For more information about auto accidents see the pages on Wikipedia and also see the other pages on this site.

Obstructing Traffic-Statutes

See Va. Code § 33.1-345(3) as to obstructing traffic or road.

See Va. Code § 46.2-804 as to slow-moving vehicles.

See Va. Code § 46.2-842 as to duty of slow-moving or overwide vehicle to pull off roadway to allow traffic to pass.

Obstructing Traffic-Cases

1989 Koutsounadis v. England, 238 Va. 128, 380 S.E.2d 644.

Defendant negligently involved in accident with third party. Defendant’s vehicle is left obstructing traffic and is struck by plaintiff. Plaintiff entitled to present all of its evidence to establish negligence of defendant. Evidence of defendant’s plea of guilty for infraction related to first accident was admissible.

1983 Pullen v. Nickens, 226 Va. 342, 310 S.E.2d 452.

Accident occurred at bend in highway where highway department vehicles were grading side of road. Virginia Code § 46.1-248 [now § 46.2-891] exempted defendant from finding of negligence per se, and instead defendant was held to standard of common-law reasonable care.

1976 Lerwill v. Regent Van & Storage, Inc., 217 Va. 490, 229 S.E.2d 880.

Plaintiff struck in rear by defendant, while momentarily stopped to make left turn. Rules not to obstruct highway and not to stop vehicle on highway so as to impede traffic, not applicable. Degrees of contributory negligence discussed.

1967 Dickenson v. Tabb, 208 Va. 184, 156 S.E.2d 795.

Negligence of defendant caused both lanes of traffic to be blocked. Second collision was naturally foreseeable consequence of road being blocked.

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Obstructing Traffic Cases Summarized By Personal Injury Attorney

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