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Auto Liability Insurance Coverage

Auto liability insurance coverage protects you in the event that someone else alleges that you were at fault for a crash.  By “you”, I mean either you as the insured or anyone who was driving your auto with your consent.  … Continue reading

Bad Faith Claims

The concept of bad faith lawsuits became popular nearly 50 years ago.  There was a widespread problem with insurers denying claims as a matter of course.  Sometimes there was no investigation.  Sometimes there was no attempt to settle.  The insurer … Continue reading

One Vehicle Crashes – Uninsured Motorist Claims

One Vehicle Crashes On Sunday, June 7, 2020 a 22 year-old man died after a crash in Prince William County according to police.  The crash occurred around 10:30 p.m. The crash was on the Prince William Parkway.  It was near … Continue reading

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The topic of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in Virginia is complex to say the least.  Gerry Schwartz has written a very excellent article on the topic that is the subject of CLEs in Virginia.  That article is a good overview and … Continue reading

Auto Liability Coverage

One of the basic principles of auto liability coverage is that the coverage follows the vehicle.  What that means is that the coverage is literally glued to the vehicle.  Wherever the vehicle goes, that coverage follows.  There may be some things … Continue reading

Accident Investigation

Ordinary Course of Business As part of most  injury cases there is an investigation done by the insurer if there is one. Certainly most insurers take statements and photos as part of the ordinary course of their claims business.  In … Continue reading

Insurance Coverage – Non-Auto Liability

You would think that the topic of auto insurance is a simple one.  Years ago some insurers began writing auto policies in what they call plain English. Plain English to an insurer is not plain English to the rest of … Continue reading

Medicare Liens

Medicare Liens Are Not Really Liens People who are over 65 may be entitled to Medicare.  Likewise other people who are not over 65 may be receiving Medicare as part of Social Security Disability benefits.  Whatever money Medicare pays out, … Continue reading

Negligent Entrustment

Negligent Entrustment, Agency and Insurance Coverage Negligent entrustment is allowing an unfit person to drive. The act of negligent entrustment makes the owner liable for the acts of the driver. If the driver is doing something on behalf of the … Continue reading

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