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Hit and Run Cases

Hit and run cases can present somewhat peculiar problems not only in the Fairfax, Virginia area but everywhere.  In particular, if you are hit by a motorist who then leaves the scene of the collision and does not stop, and … Continue reading

Joint Several Liability

Whether you are involved in a automobile accident or any type of negligence claim resulting in damage there may be instances where there could be more than one cause of your injury.That dual causation creates the potential for joint several … Continue reading

Vehicle Total Loss

The concept of a vehicle being a total loss is frequently confusing to people that are involved in a motor vehicle collision.  In the Fairfax, Virginia area the whole idea of a vehicle being a total loss may be of … Continue reading

Limitations and Reporting

When you are involved in an automobile collision whatever claim you may have is governed not only by a statute of limitations but it may also be governed by certain reporting requirements based upon your liability insurance policy.  Statute of limitations are defined by … Continue reading

Traumatic Brain Injury

The prevalence of concussions and resulting  traumatic brain injury among football players has been in the news a great deal lately.  The suicide of Junior Seau, to many people, was a wake up call as to the devastating effect that brain injuries … Continue reading

Joint Replacements

Joint replacements are becoming more and more popular.With the population aging and the baby boomers outliving all expectancies the prevalence of joint replacement is only going to increase.   Most physicians who now perform either hip, shoulder or knee replacements are … Continue reading

Bicycle Accidents

In 2009 630 bicyclists were killed and 51,000 were injured in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Bicycle accident cases are sometimes a product of the type of bicycle that is being used.  Increasingly popular are … Continue reading

The Sugar Wars II

The sugar wars continued:A former marketing executive for Coca-Cola disclosed on June 7, 2012 that the soft drink industry did indeed focus its marketing efforts for soft drinks on young people and minorities.  Todd Putman, former U. S. head of … Continue reading

Dram Shop Liability

Dram shop liability in the Fairfax, Virginia area is thought by most attorneys to be a dead letter.  Virginia does not recognize civil liability for bar owner or vendor actions resulting in drunk drivers taking to the road.  Dram shop … Continue reading

Interspousal Immunity

Virginia, in general, has abolished the defense of interspousal immunity for tort actions.  What that means is that one spouse may sue another spouse for negligence or for intentional conduct resulting in injury.  Once the marriage has ended then any … Continue reading

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