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Debt Collectors

Starting in January of 2013 the Federal Government will begin regulating 175 debt collection firms that account for approximately 63 percent of the debt collection market.  Injury attorney Brien Roche reports that this is an important topic for personal injury victims … Continue reading

Child Abuse

The Boy Scouts of America recently released extensive files on child sex abuse that has occurred within the Scouting organization over the last 50 years.  These files consist of 15,000 pages of horror.  The records were released by Court Order according to … Continue reading

Drug Injury From Compounding Pharmacies

As previously indicated on this blog, drug injury from compounding pharmacies such as NECC of  Framingham, Massachusetts are alarming. The fungus that contaminated the pain medication has caused several incidents of meningitis resulting in several deaths.  The fungus causing the disease is very slow to grow … Continue reading

Pooled Special Needs Trust

The Pooled Special Needs Trust has been around for quite some time.  They are to be distinguished from Individual Special Needs Trusts which are administered by an individual or corporate Trustee. The overall idea of the Special Needs Trust is to … Continue reading

Nursing Home Abuse Arbitration Requirements

Nursing home abuse arbitration requirements has been previously addressed on this site.  There are a number of factors to be considered in determining whether or not an arbitration agreement within a nursing home contract is enforceable: Although the U. S. … Continue reading

3-D Mammograms

3-D mammograms have now been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  These mammograms are technically called tomosynthesis.  The traditional mammogram is 2-D, i.e. two dimensional.  Those 2-D mammograms remain the standard of care and are felt to provide unique … Continue reading

Tainted Steroids

Tainted steroids from a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts have infected potentially hundreds of pain medicine patients reports injury attorney Brien Roche.  The particular drug that was contaminated is methyl-prednisolone acetate.  This is an injectable pain medication that is injected into … Continue reading

Motorcycle Deer Collisions

Motorcycle deer collisions in the Washington Metropolitan area has taken its toll on motorcyclists.  The Washington Post reports on October 9, 2012 that seven of the eight people that have been killed in collisions with deer over a three-year period in Maryland … Continue reading


Hazing causing personal injury appears still to be uncontrolled reports injury attorney Brien Roche .  A young band member at Florida A&M died from injuries as a result of hazing on a bus including severe body blows that were inflicted by … Continue reading

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