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Infections Can Be Good For You Says Injury Lawyer

Infections In 1989 17,414 British school children were studied by an epidemiologist and he concluded from them that those who had grown up with more siblings and, thereby presumably more germs, were less likely to have allergies and eczema. It … Continue reading

Privacy Rights Addressed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Privacy rights were the subject of a recent decision from a federal court in northern California.  The court was dealing with what are called national security letters.  A national security letter is a letter issued by an FBI supervisor to … Continue reading

Fraud Upon Elders Discussed By Injury Attorney

There is a division within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that is designed explicitly to prevent fraud upon elders.  That office is known as the Office for Older Americans.  During the recent financial crisis, Americans 55 and older lost … Continue reading

Product Liability:Energy Drinks Discussed By Products Liability Lawyer

Product Liability:Energy Drinks Teenagers and young adults have recently become the focus of marketing for energy drinks.  The two most famous such drinks are Red Bull and Monster.  The scientific data shows that these flavored drinks contain high amounts of … Continue reading

Legal Precedents II As Discussed By Injury Lawyer

Legal Precedents II On March 25, 1931 ten Scottsboro Boys acquired fame/notoriety not so much because of their conduct but because of where they were on that day.  Several teenage boys, both black and white and two white girls boarded … Continue reading

Private Healthcare Providers Discussed By Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The days of individual physicians, groups of physicians or other private healthcare providers treating patients through what traditionally has been known as private practice may well being coming to a close. With increasing emphasis on cost effectiveness in healthcare, many … Continue reading

Osteopath Healthcare Providers Discussed By Injury Lawyer

You may have seen the designation DO sometimes after a physician’s name.  Some people get confused thinking that DO means Doctor of Optometry.  In fact DO means Doctor of Osteopathy which is different than the designation for an Optometrist which is … Continue reading

Motor Vehicle Accident Data Addressed By Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle accident data is becoming more and more available to third parties as electronic sophistication grows.  Many cars that are currently on the road record speed, direction, gear setting and when brakes activate and for how long as a … Continue reading

Bacterial Injury Threat Discussed By Injury Lawyer

The bacterial injury threat has become more alarming in light of recent statements from the Centers for Disease Control.  The bacteria itself known as Carbapenen-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae or also known as CRE, is a bacteria that was first seen on a … Continue reading

Poison Injury Highly Treatable Says Personal Injury Lawyer

Poison injury is a ongoing problem throughout the United States. There are a number of things that can be done to prevent poisoning such as: Storing your medicines and household products in their original containers. Lock these products away from … Continue reading

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