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Virginia Judicial Notice

Virginia Judicial Notice-Shortcut Judicial notice is a form of a judicial shortcut.  That is to say that there will be no need for formal proof where judicial notice is taken of something.  Formal proof would simply be a waste of … Continue reading

Personal Injury Twelve Week Expert

I like to call them the “twelve week experts”.  They are so common among defense medical doctors that I think they deserve that name.  These doctors testify for the defense.  Their testimony is much the same from case to case.  … Continue reading

Car Accident BAC Levels

In any car accident case, BAC levels need to be of concern to an attorney.  BAC stands for Blood (Breath)Alcohol Content.  It is measured by the police through a breathalyzer test given at the station under controlled circumstances.  It can … Continue reading

Police Car Accidents

Police car accidents should be no different than any other car accident case.  However they are.  Police in Virginia may have immunity.  That immunity depends on what they were doing at the time of the crash.   The central issue is … Continue reading

Car Accident Medical Emergency

The defense of sudden medical emergency arises where a medical condition has caused a driver to lose control of an auto.  If this causes injury to another that does not mean that the driver is free of fault. Car Accident Medical Emergency-Burden of … Continue reading

Car Accident From Falling Trees

Falling trees may be a hazard anywhere.  They become a particular hazard if they fall onto a roadway or onto a home.   Car Accident Falling Trees-Va. Supreme Court The Virginia Supreme Court has addressed the issue of whether a landowner … Continue reading

Trauma Surgery Medical Malpractice

Trauma surgery recognizes what is known as the “golden hour”.  That golden hour is the 60 minutes following the injury.  It is during that 60 minutes that the patient’s outcome is often fixed. As a result time is of the … Continue reading

Car Accident and Urgent Delivery Systems

Injuries due to time urgent delivery systems are common. We have all become accustomed to overnight or same day delivery. 30-minute delivery for food. Such time urgent delivery systems promote business. However they can have devastating effects on public safety. Any … Continue reading

Stroke Malpractice

Stroke: Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke (CVA – Cerebral Vascular Accident) is the fourth leading cause of adult death in the U.S. By 2030 nearly one in every 25 adults will suffer a stroke. Most strokes can be grouped as either … Continue reading

Sports Personal Injuries

Sports Personal Injuries May Require Expert Testimony Sports injuries are part of the risk of participation. However that assumed risk may not bar an injury claim. For instance if there is some reckless disregard by the person that causes the injury. … Continue reading

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