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Personal Injury Medicaid Cases

You may have the occasion to represent an injured party who is on Medicaid.  Representing such a client presents a host of problems because some providers won’t accept Medicaid.  Those providers who do accept Medicaid know that they are probably … Continue reading

Personal Injury Conflicts Rule

In the course of a lawsuit, there may arise an issue of what state law applies.  You need to know what the so-called “conflicts rule” is for that state.  In regards to tort and personal injury claims, Virginia applies a … Continue reading

Voluntary Payment Doctrine

The voluntary payment doctrine states that where one party pays an illegal demand with full knowledge of all the facts, then it may not recover that payment.  The exceptions to that are three in number.  The first one is where … Continue reading

Virginia Judicial Notice

Virginia Judicial Notice-Shortcut Judicial notice is a form of a judicial shortcut.  That is to say that there will be no need for formal proof where judicial notice is taken of something.  Formal proof would simply be a waste of … Continue reading

Personal Injury Twelve Week Expert

I like to call them the “twelve week experts”.  They are so common among defense medical doctors that I think they deserve that name.  These doctors testify for the defense.  Their testimony is much the same from case to case.  … Continue reading

Sports Personal Injuries

Sports Personal Injuries May Require Expert Testimony Sports injuries are part of the risk of participation. However that assumed risk may not bar an injury claim. For instance if there is some reckless disregard by the person that causes the injury. … Continue reading

Personal Injury Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases can involve slipping on ice or snow, wet floors, tripping over a torn carpet or uneven surface or stepping into a pothole. If you have been the victim of such an injury, you may have basis … Continue reading

Personal Injury Elevator Escalator Accidents

Elevator escalator accidents can result in long-term injuries. There are hundreds of thousands of elevators across the U.S.  However the number of escalators is less. In addition, the CPSC says there are about 20,000 elevator escalator accidents per year in … Continue reading

Personal Injury Multiple Sclerosis

I wish I could claim actual authorship of what follows.  However I cannot.  Also I don’t know who the author is of what follows. However it is an article that I found in one of my files.  The article is … Continue reading

Personal Injury Litigation Secrecy

Secret settlements and secrecy in lawsuits are common. However they can be dangerous.  Remington Firearms Company knew of hundreds of documented deaths and injuries. They were caused by defects in their Model 700 trigger mechanism.  They concealed this flaw for … Continue reading

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