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Infections Can Be Good In 1989 17,414 British school children were studied by an epidemiologist and he concluded from them that those who had grown up with more siblings and, thereby presumably more germs, were less likely to have allergies … Continue reading

Insurance Coverage

You would think that the topic of auto insurance is a simple one.  Years ago some insurers began writing auto policies in what they call plain English.  Plain English to an insurer is not plain English to the rest of … Continue reading

Baby Powder Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson, the world-famous maker of Band Aids, has recently been hit with several sizable verdicts relating to its product known as “Baby Powder” and also referred to as talcum powder.  Johnson & Johnson, the company that has brought … Continue reading

Gross Negligence Redefined

Gross Negligence Redefined By The VSC The Virginia Supreme Court seems to have given new meaning to this term. Elliott v. Carter was a wrongful death action that involved a Boy Scout and his peer leader. The Boy Scouts were … Continue reading

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a new form of treatment for injury.  In particular it can be effective with different types of orthopaedic injuries.  For instance a torn rotator cuff where cortisone injections and physical therapy have not helped … Continue reading

Explaining Causation

Explaining causation to a jury is not easy.  In some cases causation may be very simple.  In an auto collision case if a person hits his head on a steering wheel and passes out, the brain damage is easy to … Continue reading

Proving Damages

Proving damages can always be a challenge on behalf of an injured person.  Most people sitting on a jury who are asked to award damages to an injured party are being put in that situation for the first time. Most … Continue reading

Medical Malpractice Surgery

Surgical skill is a function of how often a surgeon has done the procedure.  The Whipple procedure is a tough one. It is a pancreatic cancer operation.  It may the toughest one for a surgeon.  What is involved is removing … Continue reading

Personal Injury Experts

In personal injury cases it’s quite common that attorneys use an expert witness.  They may be used either by the plaintiff or the party being sued.  An expert witness is a witness who either by reason of education, training or … Continue reading

Personal Injury – Social Media

Social media can be a game changer in regards to personal injury claims.  That can apply to both sides in a trial.  It’s not unusual that sometimes witnesses for the other side may make postings that can be used against … Continue reading

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