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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery becomes necessary when the cushion between the bone has worn down. That cushion between the bones is the cartilage. The knee bones themselves are held in place through ligaments that tie the bones together and provide stability.

Bilateral Knee Replacement
A double knee replacement may seem like an …

Rowdy Teenage Passengers

Rowdy teenage passengers pose a greater risk for teenage drivers than do cell phones or message texting according to an April 2014 study from the University of North Carolina. Teenage drivers are six times more likely to have to take some evasive action to …

Freedom Calls

Freedom calls for Frederick Douglass. Douglas began his quest for freedom on a train that pulled out of Baltimore, Maryland. He jumped onboard a rail car designated for blacks. His name, according to his papers, was Frederick Bailey. The papers belonged …

Medical Records Metadata

Medical records have come a long way from simply writing notes on a clipboard that is hung at the foot of the patient’s bed. Medical records are now electronic. They carry with them an audit trail that is contained within the medical records metadata. That audit trail …


There are lots of rules that are applicable to cross-examination.

Rules can be good but as is so often the case in law, rules are swallowed up by the exceptions.

The rules which have been memorialized by …

Corporate Depositions

Corporate depositions are allowed under Rules of the Court. The pertinent rules require that the organization (corporation or otherwise) designate and prepare people to speak on its behalf regarding matters specified. This specification must be with reasonable particularity. The responding party then has to produce one or …

Child Head Injuries

Child head injuries are potentially problematic cases for a host of reasons. They require the intervention of a multitude of professionals. Children naturally fear strangers. They frequently are uncomfortable with new people and putting them into a situation where they are forced to deal with new people is typically not …

Platelet Treatment

Platelet treatment, also called Platelet-rich plasma treatment, is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different types of injuries.  The treatment involves injecting concentrated platelets, taken from the patient’s own blood, into the site of injury in order to speed up recovery.  The evidence is conflicting as to the effectiveness …


Diagnosis-misdiagnosis are contrary terms but frequently go hand-in-hand.  Studies indicate that doctors make the wrong diagnosis in 10% to 15% of office visits for a new problem.  
Diagnosis-Misdiagnosis Avoiding the Latter
The average office visit with most physicians last no more than 21 minutes.  The physician’s ability to make a diagnosis …

Back Pain

One in four adults experience back pain in the course of a year.  This is also a common reason for doctors’ visits.  Most people recover from back pain without any medical treatment.
Back Pain Treatment
The generally recommended treatment mode is over-the-counter medication, rest and exercise  for what is called nonspecific back …

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