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Injection Caused Injury
Brien Roche

Injection caused injury is sometimes the explanation for shoulder symptoms that arise.

Injection Caused Injury-Injection Too High

What typically happens with an injection caused injury is that the needle containing the vaccine …

Expert Witnesses DC

Brien RocheExpert witnesses in Washington DC are governed by the Frye case. Frye holds that expert testimony may be admitted if the scientific principles are sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance …

Federal Tort Claims Cases

Brien RocheFederal tort claims cases are based on a limited waiver of immunity by the federal government. The waiver applies to negligence actions brought against a US employee acting in …

Medical Records Technology

Brien RocheMedical records technology is changing the practice of medicine. It is also changing the physician patient relationship. In the past when patients asked for a copy of their medical records …

Lost Profit Claims

> Brien RocheLost profit claims can be challenging in terms of proof. These types of claims arise most often when the plaintiff is either a small business person or is self-employed. A …

Smoke Alarm Failures

Brien RocheSmoke alarm failures are highly dependent on the type of smoke alarm in use. The two most common types of smoke alarms are photoelectric and ionization. A photoelectric alarm is …

Product Liability Injury

Brien RocheProduct liability injury cases must be thoroughly reviewed as part of the evaluation process. Gathering information about the product may consist of looking at FDA recalls, market withdrawals, safety alerts …

Pedestrian Injury Cases
Brien Roche

In Virginia in 2012 100 pedestrians were killed and another 1862 pedestrians were injured. Pedestrian injury cases require a thorough inspection of the scene. Google Maps may give you an …

Snow and Ice Issues

Brien Roche
Snow And Ice Issues
Snow and ice issues can present a host of different legal problems.  Snow and ice cases from an automotive point of view present interesting issues as to …

Brien Roche

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of adult death in the United States. By 2030 nearly one in every 25 adults will suffer a stroke.
Stroke: Ischemic or Hemorrhagic
Most strokes can be broadly …

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